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About me and why I paint

Figure drawing and painting by Jenny Neill

Figure drawing and painting have always been a big part of my life. It was only much later, during a particularly stressful time, that I realised what I was drawing were my feelings.

Drawing the human body has been a lifelong interest and the study of anatomy, life drawing and psychology has given me a unique approach and understanding to my work. 

Our early experiences in life influence our perceptions, reactions and feelings and can have a lasting impact on our lives.

As a shy and sensitive child I was misunderstood by those around me. Feeling a misfit and constantly in fear of punishment, I would often use drawing as a way to keep under the radar and feel safe. 

Figure drawing and painting by Jenny Neill

I had continued to draw, most recently with my children, until in 2007, a betrayal by a loved and trusted person turned my world upside down. Unable to deal with the grief and loss of this relationship, I returned to drawing. I also began to experiment with painting and created my first piece which I called ‘Devastation’. Being able to express exactly how I was feeling was a turning point.

With a renewed enthusiasm and focus I became immersed in my art and went on to produce a large collection of work. With imagination, and a sense of humour, these expressionist drawings and paintings represent my experiences, both positive and negative throughout my life, from love, kindness and vulnerability, to rejection, violation and loss. 

By 2018, with a house full of paintings, I had my first exhibition. The success of this surprised me and many pieces were sold. I have since received several commissions.

My pictures have only simple descriptions and titles in the hope that – uninfluenced – you may recognise some of your own thoughts and feelings in my work. I work in ink, watercolour, acrylic gouache, charcoal and pencil.

I support UK charities for homeless young people. For more information you can contact me at

A gallery of expressionist figure drawing and painting by Jenny Neill, created in watercolour, acrylic gouache, ink, charcoal and pencil.