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Watercolour paintings

The fluid nature of watercolour allows spontaneity and is a versatile medium which I find perfect for expressing emotion in my work.

A gallery of expressionist watercolour paintings by British figurative artist Jenny Neill. My other galleries are at: acrylic gouache, ink, charcoal and pencil.

About watercolour

Watercolour paint is made from pigments suspended in a water-based solution and is an ancient form of painting, mainly from east Asia. Many Western artists used watercolour primarily as a sketching tool in preparation for a finished work in oils. The confluence of cultural, engineering, scientific, tourist and amateur interest led to the celebration and promotion of watercolour as a distinctly English national art. The nineteenth centrury saw the formation of English watercolour painting societies. Among the twentieth century artists who produced important work in watercolour, I particularly like the expressive figurative work of Egon Schiele, who often combined watercolour with pencil.